Using an API Client

The easiest way to test the BoxTech API is to use a REST Client such as Postman see which can be run in your browser or on your desktop. This client access will help you understand the API before starting to write code to automate the calls.

This guide will take around 10 minutes to complete

Signup for Boxtech API


  • Signup for a new user account to access data. Accept Terms and Conditions.
  • Confirm your account activation by clicking the link received by email.

You now have a <username> and <password> you can use in the API.

Get hold of Postman

Download Postman to your desktop or run it in your browser. Create a (free account) to save your tests for future reference.


Now you are in postman, create a ‘New Tab’ at the top of the screen

New tab in Postman

Configure the BoxTech API Authentication call :

  • select the POST operation
  • enter for the URL
  • add 2 headers in the Headers section
Key Value
Content-Type application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Authorization Basic YmljYXBwOmJpY3NlY3JldGFwcA==

Note : the value of the Authorization key is called the <clientid>

Authentication headers

Move to the Body section :

  • select the x-www-url-encoded type of body
  • add 3 values in the body
Key Value
grant_type password
username your_username
password your_password
  • save your work by clicking Save on the right, and store it in a collection you will call BIC BoxTech

Authentication body

Click Send : you should get a response which looks like this :

Authentication body

Grab the access_token value, in our case : 0b59efa0ddf2b2764eb0501be6c312d0e8dc92eb

Call GET container API

In Postman, create a new tab at the top of the screen.

Configure the BoxTech API get container call :

  • select the GET operation
  • use the URL : this will query for the GLDU5334260 container. Note the format of the container number which includes the check digit
  • add 1 header in the Headers section
Key Value
Authorization Bearer access_token

NOTE: Replace the access_token with the one you retrieved previously, in our example 0b59efa0ddf2b2764eb0501be6c312d0e8dc92eb

  • save your work which should look like this :

Get headers

Click Send : you should get a response like this :

Tare_kg response

The tare_kg of the container is 2230 kg.